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Blue Collar Coding

"If you've designed a cockpit to fit the average pilot, you've actually designed it to fit no one."

Lt. Gilbert S. Daniels

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Website Development

Have you tried the available website creator tools, and found out there is something that they aren't providing you?

Do you need something special, something other than the usual? Is there a functionality you haven't found in these tools?

Contact me for a discussion, let's find out what's the best solution for your online presence.

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Bespoke Software

Process management, order documentation, storing historical data, automatise regular processes, reduce errors, reduce documentation time, reduce paper document storage, reduce arguments among staff over errors.

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Software Consultancy

I can help you answer these questions in a consultation:

  • How to find the right software for my business?
  • What is the difference between the solutions available on the net?
  • How much is too much for a software?
  • What is the best price/value solution for my issue?


Software Solutions and Innovation Consultancy

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • Are we exploiting all our available assets, resources and manpower?
  • How could my business get rid of all these excel sheets?
  • How to reduce the repetitive errors in the workflow?
  • Are we able to forecast for the next months/years?
  • What are the tools other companies use in our field?
  • Are we tracking our day-to-day operations?
    How I can help you?
  • Get to know your company and workflow
  • Discover your existing resources
  • Find the gaps within the information flow between departments
  • Discover error prone processes
  • Automatise manual processes, translate datatables to databases
  • Explore online presence and marketing tools
  • Market research within the area for latest tech and best practices
  • Human resources management advisory
  • Determine job specifications, responsibility levels
  • New tech training for employees
  • Manager reporting advisory
  • Suggestion for bespoke software development if necessary
  • Discover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT)
  • Explore business continuity plan, key worker issues

...and recommend solution.

Wouldn't it be wonderful?

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How can I help you today?

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