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Blue Collar Coding

"If you've designed a cockpit to fit the average pilot, you've actually designed it to fit no one."

Lt. Gilbert S. Daniels

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Website Development

Have you tried the available website creator tools, and found out there is something that they aren't providing you?

Do you need something special, something other than the usual? Is there a functionality you haven't found in these tools?

Contact me for a discussion, let's find out what's the best solution for your online presence.

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Bespoke Software

Process management, order documentation, storing historical data, automatise regular processes, reduce errors, reduce documentation time, reduce paper document storage, reduce fight among staff over errors.


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Software Consultancy

I can help you answer these questions in a consultation:

How to find the right software for my business?

What is the difference between the solutions available on the net?

How much is too much for a software?

What is the best price/value solution for my issue?

Bespoke Software Solutions

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • How could my business get rid of all these excel sheets?
  • How to reduce the repetitive errors in the workflow?
  • How to reduce the time we spend to process an order and send it to production?
  • How to avoid errors in our orders?
  • How to make sure the calculation on our production sheet is correct?

How many issues can a business have by a badly filled order, a production sheet with miscalculation? Have you had a thousand meeting with your colleagues about repetitive errors in the documentation? Why can't they just focus and make it right? Why does it have to circle between departments for hours back and forth until all errors are corrected? Have you ever had to call the customer to confirm, if they actually ordered what is on the order, or was it just a mistake, and find out someone made a mistake? We are human, we are not so good in recognizing detail errors. We tend to think that with practice and years of experience our colleagues will make less mistakes, but that's not necessarily true. We think they need to doublecheck their work and they can get rid of the errors, and if they still make mistakes, we blame them with neglecting their job.

It is proven that mistakes won't decrease with time. What is the solution? However special your production flow might be, you are using patterns over and over again. You have an ID for your raw material, you know exactly what is the amount of the required raw material for a production, you basically repeat processes over and over again, that is why you can store it in an excel sheet. All you do is update the date, and some other stuff, and then realise that some other material has to be used this time, or your stock is empty, or the calculation is bad.

You can use historical data to reduce number of errors. A bespoke system can provide you the types of raw material to use, the suppliers for that material, the current purchase price, the amount required for production, and even keep track of your stock. It can also produce production documentation just like the one you currently use, so your staff doesn't have to get accustomed to using a new document format. However the new production document will have no errors, because the system will store the above data from previous orders, and remind you if something looks weird or uncommon. Also all these documents are stored in the system, so that you don't have to get the file and look up the last order manually.

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

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