By: Dgloria
30 April, 2020

  Hello JavaScript World! This 4 days I've created my first Vue.js project, my first React.js project, my first Node.js project, my first mongoDB database, and heroku deployment. Ah and a Node.js API. I can't be prouder. Ahh....

By: Dgloria
22 April, 2020

 Hello Vue world! Paid for and started my Vue js tutorial. Not much time, but must do something to keep in shape

Going to change my portfolio page today, I have discovered people never visit the links, so bring the links to them. I plan to make screenshots of the projects I've worked on and show how cool I am.

I have failed my latest mission, I knew I can't do work without consulting personally with the client, but never thought it goes so far that the job will be withdrawn. Well, that's just experience, it's what it is.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

By: Dgloria
13 April, 2020

  Hi! News are I've got a job in Amazon, where I've worked before, so I can pay the bills. Currently there isn't much time to develop, mostly I just study React. Looks like Php is outdated, so it's time for me to keep up with the changing tech again. So I do this tutorial, which is a React project with some backend hosted on netlify. I also decided to create a knowledge base (wiki) for my recurring problems, since bookmarks never worked for me and there is no more space for postits on my screen. So I am testing Zim wiki desktop app, we'll see how it goes. Currently I am working on six projects, all has an excel file with the todos tab, ideas tab, luckily bugs tab is empty (at the moment), and I am just lost and got annoyed to copy/paste the same tasks I have to do on each project such as check logs, check database daily, until I don't develop something nice to track these for me I have to do it manually. And the backups. What else? I keep listening to, there were tons of new ideas, I have a plan to get some bicycle specs from and build a tool to find a bike by specifications. It's a perfect webshop, but it doesn't give you the filters to select a bike by quality parts. Should be easy, just time consuming. I also thought about making the plastic moulding/extrusion factory support software for Warden Plastics, this I have in mind since 2018, but hey, one day consists of 24 hours only.

I don't want to catch the virus, but it would be so nice if I could spend all my time developing, and wouldn't have to work in a warehouse anymore.

HMRC wants me to pay £1000 for tax because an agency goofed up their report. Not sure how they plan to deduct it from my empty bank account.

Also it is my best friends' birthday, it's been a year that we last met. Happy Bithday Christina!

By: Dgloria
31 March, 2020

  Good morning! I have made a new release on It still isn't functioning 100%, unfortunately the task is much greater than I first thought. Well, I have task for my free days. I also made some changes on this site, hoping that the google search will be more exact and lead customers who are looking for what I can offer. It's a neverending story, SEO. Will se how the changes will work.

In the middle of the corona virus disaster. I was expecting all developers of the world will come together to develop much more free, online, home schooling tools, just like Khan Academy. But there is nothing. There will be a hackathon, but it seems like I will be away working in the warehouse while they'll develop. Well that's life, or best laid plans etc. I hope all of you stay safe and use this time to think about your internal processes and discover ways to improve, you always complain you don't have time for this, now there aren't any excuses. Contact me and we'll figure out what's the best for you.

Stay safe!

By: Dgloria
20 March, 2020

  Hi, it’s been nearly a month now that I have decided to start my entrepreneurship as a developer. As I wrote, I am self-taught, I will write about my roots to IT later, if you’re interested. My experiences apart from how easy it is to start your business totally risk-free in the UK, unlike in Europe (Hungary) where from day zero you have contributions and taxes to pay regardless of your income. That means you got to have a huge capital there to start anything that might fail at the end of the day. I did it 20 years ago and ended up with a huge debt (was worth around 4 months’ average salary back then) and zero income.
  As I said, it is easy in the UK, you have one year to get yourself together and see if it actually worth it. I have no problem paying income tax, I have problem with minimum contributions, local taxes and chimney tax and paying VAT for something the customer hasn’t even paid for yet.
  So, I started the journey by checking some nice templates, built a website and started to build something to manage my projects. After I have spent 23 hours and 12 minutes planning and developing this tool, my mate showed me freeAgent. I fell in love immediately. It provided all the tools I was about to develop, so I stopped that there, get that tool, and go back to my portfolio project: See y’all!