Earlier Employers

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Mediahawk Call Tracking tool (2019)

​- Mediahawk is among the top call marketing analytics companies. It's extraordinary and flexible tool allows users to plan their marketing expenses by tracking their incoming calls and select the campaigns which has the biggest ROI. -

UMBICORD Software Consultancy for Integrated Solutions (2018)

​- The company developed an internal document processing tool for one of the largest media companies of the UK to simplify their internal document management processes. The company also created the Pulse Smart Hubs which are working on the streets of Belfast, giving guidance to the locals and visitors both. -

Kauffer car spare parts trading - e-commerce website (2013, an earlier version of the site) aruhaz.kauffer.hu

- this small, family owned business with its 20 employees has received the award for most popular webshop in Hungary, in car-motor category, in 4 consecutive years since 2016 ahead of its competitors with nationwide shop networks and around 3000 employees. -

Personal Projects

Website projects I've made

Griff Industrial abseiler company website (2015)

- I've created this website for a Hungarian abseiler company. With a carefully created site there was no need for any SEO manipulation to get this site to the top google search results in the main company profile search keywords; they appear within the first 2 pages, even in an industry, where clients usually request personal recommendation to find contractors rather than going online. -

Talent Exploit - a site to find your true calling (2019-)

- This is one of my personal projects. This tool is dedicated to provide guidance to visitors about their dream jobs. The main idea is to map an individual's skills, preferences, education and match to the list of jobs. The tool will bring up childhood wishes, forgetted skills, dreams of an individual to find a profession they might never thought of. Eventually the tool will provide career paths to the selected jobs and training opportunities for those who are ready to take the next step. -

Software Development Skills

Programming Languages

Php, >10 years, C# basic

Front end skills

Javascript basics, HTML >10 years, CSS >10 years, jQuery, Twig, Bootstrap

Databases and management tools

SQL Server, Sql Server Manager Studio, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin

Developer tools

Visual Studio, notepad++, VSCode, Phpstorm, Sublime

Other tools

Apache, LAMP, XAMPP, OOP, MVC, Laravel, Codeigniter, Git, Agile, Scrum, Rest API, Postman, Vagrant, VirtualBox, CLI, Linux servers, cloud concepts, CRM systems, CMS systems, Gimp...

SEO and Analytics tools

AdSense, Google Webmaster tools, Google Analytics, Ad Words, Mediahawk call tracking analysis

About me

I am passionate about science and technology. My number one goal is to keep up to date with the latest tech and discover new ways of solving old problems. I drove my managers crazy with my constant will to improve, enhance processes, make them more usable, cost-effective and less prone to errors. Especially user errors. I was able to do this as a result of my determination to learn to code from a very young age and spent most of my free time learning and improving my skills alongside working from nine to five. I've been creating websites since 2006. I've worked a year as full-time full-stack software developer. Currently I work alone, started my software company to develop bespoke management applications.

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